Welcome to UCP Charter School !

We are a Tuition- Free Charter School with seven campuses across Central Florida. We are dedicated to providing our students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education through unique experiences and individualized instruction.

Our curriculum integrates Technology, Arts, and Project Based Learning, designed to inspire innovation and interpersonal development.

We also, provide Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy on-site for students who require these services—connecting therapy goals with their education plan.

We hope that you will find that UCP is truly more than just a school, but a community committed to empowering every child to unlock their potential!


Why we’re special:
Unlocking Each Child’s Potential

At UCP Charter School we believe that every child deserves the tools to reach their maximum potential. Our dedicated team works diligently to identify what makes each child unique, in order to form a rigorous instruction plan structured around the child’s social, emotional, and academic qualities.

UCP Charter School has moved beyond the traditional “one size fits all” curriculum, for a more customized and personal model that taps into each child’s individual potential. We believe that identifying the dimensions of the whole child is a vital step in providing relevant instructional styles that motivates students to excel academically.

While our approach is holistic in nature we believe it’s essential to maintain high expectations of all learners. Students who excel in our programs often develop a love of learning and an eagerness to thrive socially, academically, and developmentally.

The Experts in Inclusive Learning

UCP Charter School has created a new kind of community; one where everyone has access to individualized learning, and everyone is encouraged to learn together. UCP challenges the notion that children with and without disabilities should be separated in the classroom. We believe that all our students have something valuable to offer each other as colleagues and friends.

Over the past decade UCP students have proved that a real-world inclusive experience in the classroom can have a profound impact that goes beyond the traditional model. Children without disabilities learn to become more empathetic, more open-minded, and are often motivated to truly master their curriculum to help a struggling colleague. Children with disabilities learn that their gifts and talents transcend disabilities and often thrive developmentally through interacting with their peers.

We believe that introducing the values of inclusion early (in the child’s Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary years) can establish a strong foundation for a more well-rounded and rewarding adulthood.

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Technology Integration

UCP’s Technology Integration Specialists strive to give our students access to skills they can apply in the real world. Our program is designed to teach students practical and valuable uses for technology that go beyond recreational applications. We help students value technology as a tool for learning and cognitive development through fun and engaging lesson plans. Each UCP campus integrates technology in their own unique way which may include 1:1 iPads, SMARTboards, Specialized Apps and Software, Assistive Technology, and some campuses have even unveiled robotics programs for our Elementary School students!

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Art-Integration can be a powerful tool in a student’s academic learning. Art has the potential to fill learning gaps that are common in traditional instruction. Through art a student may find a new way to retain knowledge and tap into critical thinking and problem solving skills in a more streamlined way.

UCP has a team of Art-Integration specialists dedicated to enriching students through visual and performing arts. Whether they’re learning about Shakespeare or Picasso, each lesson is an immersive experience that gives students hands-on opportunities to express themselves and learn to appreciate the benefits art has to offer.

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Project Based Learning

As a framework for instruction, UCP classrooms use a project-based learning model. Children are motivated to learn best when they are active learners immersed in projects that address their passions and interests. The project approach to learning engages children in purposeful work and supports higher level thinking tied to Common Core and collaboration of all students. Evidence supports the use of project-based learning as a highly motivating way for all students to synthesize what they are learning as well as to identify gaps in their knowledge that need to be filled*. Students learn best with hands-on activities*. Additionally, this approach fosters essential 21st-century skills including critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

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