Technology Integration

Technology integration is a part of what each UCP Charter school strives to implement in order to provide access for all learners and prepare students for a life in a technology driven society. A variety of technology devices are utilized such as iPads, Tablets, Kindles, SmartBoards, desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile and stationary tech labs, as well as interactive platforms for individual, small, and whole group instruction. In our Elementary Schools – we have implemented a 1:1 individualized iPad program. The decision to utilize a variety of tech tools for students attending UCP schools was intentional in that our students need to be prepared for authentic access to technology platforms and implementation methodologies.

Technology has the potential for helping all students access curriculum, learn new information, and fully participate and enjoy the benefits of inclusion (Alper & Raharinirina, 2006; Jackson, 2009; Puckett, 2004) so the integration of technology is a critical component of the curriculum used at the UCP Charter School.The use of a variety of technological advances in the curriculum will create students who are information seekers, analyzers, evaluators, problem solvers and decision makers. Creative and effective uses of productivity tools are interwoven throughout the content areas.

Technology integration is more than tech support and is an integral part of education for high quality teaching and learning!