Middle and high school

The UCP Transitional Learning Academy (TLA Middle School/TLA High School) are tuition free charter schools. Recently accredited by AdvancEd/SACS, a national accrediting agency, TLA practices a holistic and interdisciplinary approach among teachers, therapists, administration, and other support team members to ensure that each student fulfills their potential. This potential is reached through the provision of specialized, small group instruction that focuses on each student’s abilities while also providing opportunities for success across all academic areas.

UCP Transitional Learning Academy Charter School offers two distinct diploma tracks. One track, for those that receive instruction via the modified, Access Points curriculum, intertwines academic coursework with daily living, independent functioning, and social skills instruction. Many students on this diploma track are working toward gaining the skills needed to transition into supported work environments, specialized employment or life skills trainings, or assisted living facilities.

The second track, for students that are working toward the standard high school diploma, provides small group, standards-based instruction that is differentiated per student need. This provision of differentiated instruction, paired with an increase of instructional support personnel, allows students to make adequate gains and maintain progress. Many students on this diploma track are working toward meeting requirements for entrance into colleges, universities, and vocational or technical schools.

Throughout both programs, Speech and Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapists provide educationally relevant therapies inside the classroom to support students’ needs in the educational setting. Collaboration among therapists and classroom teachers ensure that students maintain progress in both their academic courses and therapy.

Middle - High School Charter Program Florida State Standards Curriculum

  • Differentiated, small group instruction
  • Project-based learning
  • Study,test-taking,organizational,and other learning strategies development
  • Opportunities for remediation

Middle - High School Charter Program Florida State Standards Access Points Curriculum

  • Differentiated, small group instruction
  • Project-based learning
  • Social,independent functioning,and daily living skills development
  • Pre-vocational exploration

For students that have met all academic requirements to earn their standard high school diploma, through Access Points, and would like to defer their diploma to receive additional instruction, TLA’s College/Career Transitional Program offers real-world instruction on the job and in the community.

Students gain work experience through internships, job placement, and coaching. Students in this program gain experience in resume writing and other real-life applications of math, reading, and writing.

For students that are 18-21 and have not been able to earn their high school diploma, options for credit recovery and remediated instruction are available.

All Transitional Learning Academy Charter School programs are tuition free charter programs.