Exceptional student education

UCP Charter Schools implement clearly-defined, team-based, data-driven systems to combine general and special education supports within a framework focused on prevention and intervention, regardless of disability. UCP Orange Charter Schools are their own Local Education Agency (LEA).

UCP Charter Schools is required to comply with all state and federal guidelines for Exceptional Student Education Services. Our schools serve students with and without identified disabilities. Any student with an identified disability will receive services as determined by their Individual Family Service Plan (birth to age 3) CLICK HERE or their Individual Education Plan (age 3 or older) CLICK HERE

The backbone of our ESE program implementation is Special Policy and Procedures (SP&P) and these procedures are reviewed by Florida Department of Education every three years, at the minimum. Teachers are provided ongoing professional development and supports to ensure teaching and learning are aligned with evidence based best practices. The following are a snapshot of the focus for our faculty and staff across UCP Charter Schools to best support students with disabilities (SWD).

  • High Density Reading and Writing Instruction
  • Scaffolded Instruction
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • High Expectations
  • Knowledge of Purpose
  • Classroom Interactions

Here is some information about different types of disabilities/program eligibility:

Each UCP Charter School has a staffing specialist whose role is to support ESE services. Below is the list and contact information:

Chris Browning, UCP Bailes Charter School [email protected]

Kiawania Heard, UCP West Orange Charter School [email protected]

Lauri McKinney, UCP Pine Hills Charter School [email protected]

Lori Guillani, UCP Seminole Charter School [email protected]

Jamie Smith, UCP TLA [email protected]

Suzanne Rose, UCP Osceola [email protected]

Brooke Guy, UCP Downtown Charter School [email protected]